Oceans of Opportunity Single


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Recorded on a Tascam 8 track reel to reel Eighthouse records.


Geometrically postioned clouds rolling by
casting waves of the sun
and it's peeking through your window
letting you know that it's time to go outside with everyone
whether they're do's or they're don'ts
this is a life that you're living
where you've got to create your fun
and at the end of the day whats the price that you pay
you know it all keeps moving on

Cause there's something on the horizon
can you see what I can see
it's glistening in the distance
it can be what you want it to be
I was searching with my eye's closed for
something lost at sea
as the current pulled me further
I realized that it was me

As night rolls in the moon and stars are welcomed by the sun
regardless what the clock says
thats hanging on your wall
the day was measured by what was done
well it's all in your hands
it's a battle of the self and the war is yet to be won
there's always something to do
even when you've got to make it
as the hunt carries on


released November 8, 2012
Recorded by Ben Saylor and Peter Kokkinakos
Mastered by Paper Sounds
Written by Jeff Williams
Performed by Jeff Williams, Dylan Martin and Ben Saylor



all rights reserved


ARCHAiC iNTEREST St Petersburg, Florida

st. pete psychotropic surf sounds

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